Does Kool-aid Have Caffeine?

Does Kool-aid Have Caffeine?

If you are giving Kool-Aid to your children, you should know if it contains caffeine.

It is not unusual to wonder whether or not Kool-Aid has caffeine.  This is especially the case with the Fizz version of the drink, as it makes Kool-Aid taste just like soda.  It wouldn’t be very hard for manufacturers to take things a step further and add caffeine. 

However, this is not a direction that Kool-Aid wishes to go.  That is why there is currently no version of Kool-Aid that has caffeine.  If it did, the drink would have to be marketed differently, since caffeine and children generally don’t mix.  And since Kool-Aid is considered a kid’s drink, adding caffeine would be a no-no.

Yet, this does not mean that Kool-Aid is healthier than a Coke or a Pepsi.  While it doesn’t contain caffeine, it does have a massive amount of food coloring and sugar.  Both are bad for you, especially in large doses.  Food coloring puts chemicals into your body while sugar increases your insulin levels.  So, in that aspect, Kool-Aid is almost as bad as a soda. 

The only good thing about Kool-Aid is the small amount of Vitamin C it contains.  Hardly any soda on the market offers this.  The few that do tend to be diet, so they taste terrible!  They also have NutraSweet, a chemical that has been linked to cancer.

In conclusion, no, Kool-Aid does not have caffeine.  But it is still not the best drink to give to children.  If they want to consume juice, they are better off with the real thing!

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